Jun 19, 2009


Sometimes, you gotta have pizza. It's been a hard week (you know, just living in my neurotic, worry addicted brain) and I worked even harder (fulfilled wife, masseuse, assistant, culinary student, copy writer, blogger and social media consultant duties). So as I was driving west on Olympic, I called house husband and asked him to order me a small cheese pizza with whole wheat crust. He did.

Above is my mangled pizza. I was so excited to eat it I forgot to shoot it! I eat the crust first (cuz that's the least sexy part) so that's why it looks tore up.

House husband and I also split a spinach salad: spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and mozzarella cheese. I order it chopped and toss it with their fat-free honey mustard dressing (it would be Earth, Wind and Flour). Good stuff.

House husband's spicy sausage and peppers, sans pasta. He also had some passion fruit sorbet.

Friday workout: 3.7 mile run with husband (he doesn't want me to call him house husband...we'll see)

Ahh the weekend. I hope I actually relax a bit. We have no plans, except for therapy at 9:00am. Excited to see Fred as we have drastically cut down our sessions when husband got laid off.

What are you up to this weekend?



  1. We went to the farmers' market this morning, and probably are just going to lounge around. I want to go out for a walk at some point. I did a little bitta yoga earlier too.

    Your torn-up pizza looks delicious. I love a good whole wheat crust :)

  2. that pizza looks savory, missus! i love me some whole wheat crust.

    as for baking without sugar... it depends on what you are baking? like cupcakes? or like meals? i don't think i've had refined sugar in my house for about three years... for a while i switched to stevia, only to find out it's pretty craptastic in most baking.

    here are the sweetner staples i keep around.

    +agave nectar - it's liquid, sort of like honey. i use it in my baking projects - you can google around to find a good swap out ratio. i probably use this the most - and usually use less than is called for. i usually combine half agave with half or another sweetner.
    +turbinado sugar - refined, great for a swap out or brown sugar or molasses
    +applesauce - i make my own and can it, but you could buy a natural applesauce. it's really perfect for baking because you can substitute it for quite a bit of oil and sugar.
    +dates - i keep mejool dates around for a lot of baking -i just throw them in the food processor.