Jun 20, 2009

Saturday Movie Cookie (Again) And A Snack

It was another lovely overcast morning, so husband and I walked to the Laemmle and saw Pressure Cooker. Yes, that's how much I love this movie (and these cookies). Husband had Mac The Chip and I had Coconut Macaroon. Mine was better. His tasted stale.

He loved the movie as much as I did and we proceeded to have a lively discussion about how we will raise our future children with a firm but loving hand and support their passion. I think we're ready!

After the movie, we hit a bookstore and moseyed back home, so we got home way past lunch. We decided to have a snack so we would be hungry for dinner. I had crudites with roasted garlic hummus and some string cheese.

Saturday workout: 5 mile walk to/from the movie theatre, vacuuming, laundry and stripping and making the bed. Wanted to lift weights but lost my motivation.

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