Jun 19, 2009

Wedding Reality Show Audition

Sometimes we're a bit bored on a Tuesday and we think to ourselves; why not put on a wedding dress, make a cupcake bouquet and drive to Burbank for a wedding reality show audition?!

Just kidding.

Denise had a super fun opportunity pop up and, using her creative talent and moxie, thought it would be pretty damn unforgettable to have blog mistress Mandy sport her $99 David's Bridal dress and accompany Denise to talk to some producers (said dress was purchased for some upcoming "gorgeous wedding on a budget" TV segments). It totally worked!

Mandy unearthed the dress and took a drive over to Denise's abode. She learned there is a reason why the bride doesn't drive the getaway car. It's not easy navigating LA without getting tulle in some uncomfortable places.

At the production office. We were a bit early and decided to have a pre-ceremony photo shoot. Mandy is relaxed in her supporting role.

"Can I have a cupcake yet?" asks Mandy.

"No, you may not. You might get sprinkles on your polyester. I can offer you 3 Tic Tacs, however." replies Denise.

Helpful tip: No groom leaves a bride at the altar if she's carrying a cupcake bouquet. Love (and buttercream) is blind.

And if he does leave you at the altar, you already have the subsequent binge right in your hands!

In all seriousness, the audition itself was a smashing success. Denise is a marvelous fit for the show, the producers were super cool and it would definitely be a great opportunity to spread the word about Food Fanatics. Now we will wait and see...so stay tuned!

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