Sep 16, 2010

Look What Auntie Lisa Brought!

My foodie friend and culinary partner in crime, Lisa Levine, came by today for tea and sympathy (I was in a MOOD yesterday, let me tell ya).  Luckily for her I was in a much better space today and we had a great time catching up. 

She brought BBU (Baby Boy Unruh) the most adorable onesie.  The peanuts on the sleeve are the best part, and a good omen I think (I've been eating peanuts in the hopes that little man won't develop a peanut allergy-I heard it's good for mom to eat now so his body won't interpret peanuts or peanut butter as foreign).

She also brought these scrumptious chocolate chip banana muffins.  Oh my heart, I only ate one, which is a miracle, but seeing as dinner is less than an hour away, these babies are gonna be dessert and that's all there is to it.  Husband may get lucky with one, maybe I'll heat them and serve with a dollop of peanut butter and chocolate coconut milk ice cream.  Me and my busy food brain...

Hit Lisa up for the recipe!

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