Sep 12, 2010

Caramel Pecan Shortbread Cookies (And a Vat of Pastitsio)

I made a basic shortbread recipe, and topped it with caramel dripping with pecans.  I didn't try one, and I'm still sad.

This is the vat of pastitsio I made for my client's Labor Day party.  I also made a vat of mac and cheese, green beans, green salad with homemade ranch dressing, baked chicken, roasted potatoes and better-than-crack-brownies.  I'm pretty sure they're still eating.  Thank God there were six or seven boys in their young twenties.  They liked watching this old pregnant lady cook. 

The day before the Labor Day party gig, husband and I were invited to our friends new home for a barbecue (we live in their last home!).  I made peach ice cream.

It turned out pretty well.  Next time, I will cook the peaches a bit, maybe with some cinnamon, and then puree and add at the end of the ice cream churning process, making a sort of spiced peach swirl.  Oh yeah.

This week, client's enjoyed rib-eye with blue cheese, garlic and parsley butter.

Steak served with butternut squash puree.

Garlic and lemon shrimp over soft, creamy polenta.

Husband took a picture of this house. We both loved it, both for the house and the location. It's probably worth 3-4 mil. We can dream.

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