Sep 10, 2010

Heart Melt. Dad's Super Special Rice Krispie Treats.

Dad sent me these pictures along with this note.  How much do we love?

Dear Mandy,

I am so glad I managed to take these pictures of a cross section and the top of the crispie treats I made on my birthday. Now there is nothing left but the clean glass pan. All the rest just eroded into the ether. May make some more someday though. 

30 Marshmallows, a cup of chocolate chips and a cup of nuts; mine were mixed because they were handy and four cups of Rice Crispies. I slowly melted the chocolate chips and marshmallows and blended the nuts into the melt then poured the mixture into the rice crispies. The hard part was waiting until the mixture cooled. 

Your Mom and I were both unsuccessful with that part.

The main reason for this note is to thank you very much for all your help with your Mom and for your attention to me. I was very happy having you here.

Love, Dad

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