May 4, 2010

Watch Me Make Chicken And The Sweet Potato Pancake Mission Continues With A Little Help From My Friend

Okay,  I don't love this video, but it's a start.  I'm officially growing out my bangs and promise not to wear the giant plaid shirt with an apron.  Ever again.

I am STILL trying to get those sweet potato pancakes right. I have a new culinary friend, Paty Winters, who took to her kitchen and shared her experience, and her photographic prowess (thank you a million times, Paty!).

"I tried both animal crackers and ginger snaps. Liked the GS a little better as they caramelized a bit better. Used your recipe but added a bit of powdered ginger and nutmeg and a pinch of red pepper flakes and about 1/4 cup of the crumbs per potato.

Trick I used to getting them to stay in a nice shape: refrigerated mixture in a plastic bag for 1/2 hour or so. Used an egg round in a hot skillet w/ canola. Put a little of the cookie crumbs in it, then squeezed in the batter (from corner cut in plastic bag) and topped w/ more crumbs. Let them cook slowly to let the eggs cook, until golden.

Removed the egg round and gently flipped. Cooked until the other side is golden and removed to paper towel. Served on a bed of mesclun dressed w/ evoo and balsamic. Both versions were actually really good. The animal cookies have a slightly lemony flavor; the ginger snaps just had the caramelization factor down a little better.

One other thought. If you want an easier option you could bake the mixture off in a sheet pan or 6x6 pan until it is set then cool it and cut it with a cookie cutter round (or whatever) and then fry it off (kind of like you do with polenta)".

Thank God Paty isn't a personal chef or I'd be out of business!

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