Apr 28, 2010

Ribs (Prounounced "Reeeeaaaaahhhhh")

Husband spent the day editing a little cooking video of yours truly (yippee!), so I showed my love and appreciation the best way I know how:  By feeding him.  Tonight's special:  Baby Back Ribs with smoky peach bbq sauce and fried yam mash.

I just realized the sweet potato looks like a heart.  Awww.

As you will soon see in my cooking demo, I tried to make sweet potato pancakes last week.  The taste was spot on, but the potatoes were not cooked all the way.  Kinda crunchy and raw in places.  Not good.

I decided to first roast the sweet potato, remove the skin and mash it up with a little salt, cinnamon and one egg.

Now, my plan was to cook 'em up pancake style, thinking that the egg would hold it together.

Hot buttah.


Post-flip.  Fail.  Okay, I think this would work in the future if I a:  chilled the mixture for an hour before frying, and/or b:  coated the chilled patties in some sort of bread crumb to make them a bit drier.  I'll keep trying, y'all.  This mush did taste good!  It made me think about making a baked sweet potato casserole...I'm sure you will be seeing that soon.  We eat our weight in sweet potatoes here.

These ribs are from Trader Joe's, and they are awesome!  The meatiest baby back ribs I have encountered.  If you have a TJ's in your area, I advise you inquire immediately about these.

I love "making" my own BBQ sauce (which means I throw random things in a pot and taste it until it makes me slap myself with happiness).

This particular sauce was made from Trader Joe's Spicy Peach Salsa, ketchup, mustard, fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar and worchestershire sauce.

Shut up (that's a term of endearment). xo

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