May 6, 2010

Yoga Pose May: Cat Pose

This is not a food post.  Ohm.  I was so excited to be a part of Yoga Pose May!  Tina and Kate are the brilliant minds behind the concept; bloggers sharing poses, personal yoga practices and philosophies.  Love it.

This is my yoga studio:  My living room.  I do occasionally get my lazy self to Santa Monica Power Yoga Studios, but I LOVE to practice at home.  Husband usually joins me (he's the blue mat, I'm the green mat).

We happily subscribe to  It's fabu because they continually have new classes AND the archives are always available; if I'm bored, I take a new class, if I love an old class, it's right there where I left it.  $18 a month, y'all.  Killer deal.

On chilly mornings, I have my little space heater so I won't injure my big muscles.

I try to practice at least twice a week.  I plan to do yoga for the rest of my life and believe it is a cure all.  Having a bad day?  Try some yoga.  Bankrupt?  Hit the mat.  Not enough work?  Too much work?  Torrid affair?  Breathe it out, baby.

Ready for cat?

Cat is a great back warm-up.  Click here for more posey info.

Yeah, photos by husband.

I guess he wanted to show the goods and then remind the world that I'm married.  Cheeky husband (pun intended).

What's your yoga story?


  1. I love your version of cat! I also love your rec for YogaGlow. I am always looking for new online yoga classes! Thanks :)
    Im going back to change the link to your blog too, sorry about that!

  2. I just got around to checking out the posts for Yoga Pose May and just wanted to say I agree 100% that yoga is a cure-all! I've been using Yogamazing podcasts through iTunes, which has classes for mental stuff like "Yoga for Cleansing," "Yoga for Creativity," and physical problems ("Yoga for Knees, Hips, etc.) whenever I'm feeling off, I can find a yoga session perfectly suited for what I need.

  3. Thanks, Kate and Allison!

    I'm going to check out Yogamazing right now! Always looking for a new class I can enjoy at home. xoxo

  4. Thanks, Carrie! Love your site. About to read your Master Your Metabolism review! xo