Apr 27, 2010

The Client Is Always Right

I have a client who lurves Huckleberry.  Can't blame her.  She asked if I could replicate their cauliflower salad and their turkey meatballs, and I was like, oh yes I can!

The cauliflower salad is basically roasted veggies with lots of olive oil and...maybe a touch of cayenne? 

Huckleberry uses sunchokes, which is awesome, but I went to two stores with zero sunchokeness, so I subbed with parsnips.

Husband said this would DEFINITELY be a way for me to get him to eat his veggies.  Word.

Up next; turkey meatballs.  The ones at Huckleberry are ginormous, so I grated one medium onion, added it to one pound of turkey, salt, pepper and some crushed Town House crackers (classy).  I plopped them raw in some sauce and let them burble for an hour.

They did not disappoint, and cooking meatballs in the sauce (as opposed to baking or pan frying) makes the sauce much richer and tastier.

Another client lurves her some chocolate.  I've been making them choco "surprises" for the last few weeks.  This week it was all about Rocky Road Fudge.  Marshmallows are a happy food, don't you think?

Butter, sugar, and evaporated milk.


Chocolate lover clients also got some guacamole (to enjoy with chicken enchilada bake).

Lamb chops.

More roasted veggies.

Mexican spice rubbed chicken thighs (to be used in chicken enchilada bake).

Spanish rice.

Fig and citrus sauce to go with lamb chops.

"Fried" ravioli (cooked ravioli dipped in egg and panko and baked until toasty and brown-dip in marinara).

The rocky road in it's final form.

There is a bunch leftover in their freezer.  I'm thinking I need to whip up some mocha ice cream and mix the fudge in...and make them think it's their idea! 

The client is always right. xo

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