Feb 8, 2010

Vegetarian (Plus One Roasted Chicken)


I've been cooking mostly vegetarian meals for one of my clients, which I LOVE (I'm mostly veggie myself-just don't crave meat).  I did roast husband an organic chicken, which was brilliant because I stretched it out to four meals.  This was meal #2:  lemon roasted chicken with Cuban black beans and fried bananas.


Eggplant Parmesan.


This turned out really yummy.  Corn chowder with zucchini, potatoes, sweet peppers, leeks, bacon and roasted corn.  I used very little dairy in this and I'm thinking I could actually omit the dairy all together as the starch from the potato and corn would thicken it quite nicely.


I instructed my clients to heat the chowder, and top it with some cheese puff "croutons".  Genius!
In other news, I am still on jury duty.  Hoping the case will end this week so I can get back to work!  I've been good about exercising but have been doing a bit of stress/boredum eating (i.e. planning on having cake for dinner).  


We watched the Jackson family arrive as well as the doctor.  Whole thing makes me sad.

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