Feb 4, 2010

Jury Duty


I should be cooking.  I should be posting my cooking and my recipes.
I have been called and I have been selected.  I am no longer a personal chef.  I am juror #6.

My days consist of driving to the airport courthouse, listening to lawyers argue, and staring out the very large windows at the smoggy wasteland that is LA.

Above, I am enjoying my lunch (two Zone Perfect bars and a diet coke) and reading a W magazine from July, 2006.


Do you love my Vera Bradley laptop bag?  Me, too.


Here is the only exciting part of my jury experience.  Michael Jackson's doctor is being arraigned in the courtroom next to ours.  SO, if you see a chick in glasses wearing a quilted Anthropologie coat that kinda looks like me...it's me.


The press started arriving this morning.  I can only imagine what I will be snapping with my iphone cam during our many, many trial breaks (trials must be taken in bite sizes only).

The biggest bummer is missing cooking for my clients.  Hate it.  Miss you!

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