Feb 12, 2010

Husband Birthday Dinner Prep And A Cheesy Little Secret


Tomorrow, we have Austin overnight.  This is a very big deal and cause for celebration.  Since husband's birthday was two weeks ago and we were out of town celebrating someone else's birthday, I thought we should have a nice, big, birthday meal with all the boys (husband, Dirk and Austin Baustin).
Above is some gluten-free, dairy free chocolate cake batter, all ready to be baked to perfection.  I have no idea if it tastes good, but it looked and smelled good.  Fudgy, almost like brownie dough.


While the cake was baking, I started in on the chocolate Earth Balance cream frosting (instead of butter cream as husband is lactose intolerant).  I felt the need to take several gratuitous melted chocolate shots.



This is the Earth Balance getting all whippy in the Kitchen Aid mixer.  I added one egg yolk, vanilla, and 1 1/4 cups of organic powdered sugar.  Frosting makes me almost as happy as whipped cream.  Or whipped egg whites.

Added a touch of hot coffee and the chocolate last.  Divine.

Cake post bake.  I plan to cut this sucker in half, then slice each half in half, making four layers.  I will document the final, don't you worry!  I will also document the rest of the meal, which will consist of pork baby back ribs, yam mash, baked beans, roasted green beans and said cake.

I had cheese puffs for dinner, but that's not the secret.  The secret is that I heat a cup of good chicken stock until it simmers, then I slowly pour it over the cheese puffs.

It makes the puffs chewy and sticky and gooey and saucy.  It becomes this weird concoction that feels like a cross between buttered popcorn and macaroni and cheese. 

If this sounds disgusting, you are probably right.  If this sounds good...you're welcome.

PS Trader Joe's Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs are the best.  By far.

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