Jan 2, 2010

What Can I Say?

Long time, y'all.  Long time.

I decided to take a blogging hiatus and what did I do during said hiatus?  Read food blogs.  I freaking love food blogs.

Now that Eat Repeat is 667 posts old, it's beginning to wonder what it wants to be when it grows up.  When I began blogging, I was a semi-miserable assistant who thought she wanted to be a copywriter (which actually meant stay-at-home mom) and thought a weird food blog would keep me writing on a regular basis.

Now, I am a trained personal chef and writing (and miscellaneous) assistant for one of the coolest, most prolific women in the food world, Denise Vivaldo.  To say that I am blessed and grateful would not even scratch the surface, but what does that mean for Eat Repeat?  Do I really want to photograph my 3,000 Luna bar and tell you it tasted good, again?

What would you like to see?  More of the same?  Recipes?  Would you like me to disappear?  Post nude photos?

Enough about my bloggy crisis, here are some pics of late:

Husband and I did make it home to my family in Michigan for Christmas.  This is a doughnut sundae from Zingerman's Roadhouse.  I'm pretty sure this is one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Hot, Dutch cake doughnut with vanilla gelato, fresh whipped cream, caramel sauce and peanuts.  All made in house, obvi.  I'll see you again in the summer!


Everyone was sick for Christmas.  It was a hacking, wheezing germ fest.  Poor dad did manage to make his famous chocolate divinity, with a little help from his daughter.

Divinity is pretty much sugar and Karo syrup, boiled and then beaten until fluffy.  Oh, I think there are a few egg whites involved, but I could be wrong.


Nothing prettier than froth.


Chocolate chips and chopped walnuts are mixed in.  Then you drop teaspoonfuls of the warm confection on foil and let them cool.  The result is like chocolate marshmallow fudge. Shut up.


We went to Bronners, which is like a Christmas super store (with a huge emphasis on Christ).  Kinda cool, kinda creepy.  We picked a nasty, cold, wet, crowded day to go and I'm thinking I would rather visit on the off season for a little Christmas in July action.

Husband and I did get two adorable ornaments, and we have decided to make a new Christmas tradition of buying two nice, pricey ornaments so one day our tree will not look quite so Target fabulous.  Maybe.


The Blake tree.  Beautiful job as always, mama.


Either this santa was my great grandmother's or my mom got it at the Reuse Center for $3.  Either way, I want it.  This may be my Christmas card next year...


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...which reminds me!  Mom had the brilliant idea that husband should recite The Night Before Christmas in Scottish brogue.  And he did it!  Poor guy's gonna have to do that for the rest of his life now.


Mom's body pillow.  I couldn't figure out how to wrap the damn thing so I decided to just give him a little personality.

Best dad quote ever:  "I came downstairs and thought, someone got stuffed in a pillowcase.  Merry Christmas!"


Dad's belly Santa suspenders!


Husband with stocking.  I've decided that the snowman is husband's Christmas symbol.  He seems strangely attracted to them, especially for a California boy.  He was trying to make a snowman out of what we call "dry powder".  Rookie.


Christmas strata.  I've been a strata machine lately.  Something so lovely about bread, eggs, cheese and whatever veggies are onhand.  Fluffy, light, warm, savory.  This was asparagus strata.


My favorite present.  Mom got me this craazzaay apron from Anthropologie, of which we are both obsessed.  I'm gonna wear this pretty much every day I think.


My favorite present that my sister got (bitch, jk).  These are Bogs, which I repeatedly stole borrowed  from sister and will be ordering my own pair today.


My Christmas lunch.  Carmel and chocolate popcorn with almonds, cashews and pecans, from Kilwins.  Out of control.


All ready for dinner!


This was a pecan pie from Kroger.  Store bought schmore bought.  It was so damn good I had 3 BIG pieces.  I kept saying I ate half the pie, to which husband would reply No, you only had about 40%.  Thanks, babe.


I made pot roast, and it looks like a holy mess here, but was delicious.


Sister, dad and peekaboo husband.


Sister, if you keep making that face, it's gonna stick that way.  Lovely meal, complete with lots of hacking and wheezing.   Our 2010 affirmation is flu shots!  All around!

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