Jan 6, 2010

New Name

A View From My Michigan Room                                          

Interesting days.  During my blog hiatus (which seems to be continuing), Eat Repeat was deleted because husband was hosting Eat Repeat under his blog, which was short lived and soon forgotten.  And lapsed.


So know we're all about Mandy's Meals.  And now I'm trying to decide what Mandy's Meals will be.

I'll tell ya one thing, I'm a having a hard time picking up my camera and taking photographs of anything. 

I wanted (still want) to take a "New Year Video" of me, of husband, of our place.  To document where we are in 2010, and my plan is to take more video each New Year and...have it.

Yeah, haven't done that, either.

What's going on?

  • I'm a newly busy personal chef, which feels all consuming.
  • I continue to write for clients
  • I continue to bake for hungry vegans
  • I possibly have a recurrence of a tumor
  • I'm thinking about shopping for a new car
  • I'm doing a daily exercise regime of yoga/running/yoga/running/yoga/running
  • Husband is home.  A lot.  Keeps me occupied.

The cherry on top?  I can't find the USB cord for my camera, in order to upload and share the (very) few food photos I have taken in 2010.

That's me.

Love you!  Thanks for reading!

Another View From My Michigan Room                                                                 

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