Jan 17, 2010

BBQ Sunday

I've got a dinner party this week, so my Monday clients became my Sunday clients.
This is balsamic bbq chicken


After oiling, salting and peppering the chicken, I put it in a screaming hot oven to crisp up the skin.
Then I baste in the sugary sauce, lower the oven and let it finish baking.


Collard greens with chorizo.


Baked beans from scratch.  Start with tons of shallots, garlic and pancetta.  Add ketchup, mustard, honey, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, vinegar and honey and let it bubble.
Add beans, let it bubble some more.


Cheddar soup with cauliflower, broccoli and pancetta.  Served with asiago croutons.


Buttermilk biscuits (for the bbq).

To finish, clients got the frozen chocolate souffle.

Bon appetit!

PS How much do we LOVE Meryl Streep?  Didn't hear no orchestra cutting her off.

In other news, husband and I are sticking to our yoga one day, running the next very, very well. 
Eff the effing gym! 
I was admiring my toned legs in the bathtub last night.  Just sayin'.

I will say I'm getting a bit bored with YogaGlo.  I really only like two teachers on the site. 
Need some new challenging, yet loving instructors, preferably online or podcasted. 
Any tips (other than Dave Farmar-not a fan)?

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