Jan 20, 2010

The Best Little Sous Chef That Ever Was

This is the lovely daughter of one of my clients.  She is an aspiring chef and we spent a day cooking together.  I put her in charge of the lasagna, and she did brilliantly! 
She is holding her creation before it went in the oven.


This is the simplest lasagna ever. 
I gave her a jar of Trader Joe's organic marinara, no boil lasagna noodles, buffalo mozzarella, and a ricotta cheese mixture (ricotta, 2 eggs, Parmesan, salt and pepper all mixed together). 

I had her layer as follows:  sauce, noodles, ricotta, sauce, noodles, ricotta.  Topped with the mozzarella and more Parmesan.  Done!


375 degrees for 40 minutes.  Gorgeous and SO tasty.  Sometimes simple is best.

Do you enjoy cooking with your kids?

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