Nov 25, 2009

Thanksgiving So Far

We are in Palm Springs and enjoying husband's family quite a bit.  Before we left, I had a wee baking session to contribute to the traditional Thanksgiving weight gain.

I started with some cinnamon cake pops (just named them this right now.  The inspiration came from here).  First step, bake off any quick bread, cake, muffin...above was a cinnamon muffin mix, which I made low fat (egg whites instead of eggs, almond milk instead of regular milk, applesauce instead of oil). 


Once the cake was cool, I chunked it up and threw it in my mixer with 8 ounces of light cream cheese.  The result is a springy, slightly moist dough.  Shape into golf size balls, put on non stick cookie sheet and refrigerate until completely cool.


Melted white chocolate.  Num num.


Dippin' balls dippin' balls, dippin' all the way...


Put said dipped balls into fridge.  I then put them into individual candy wrappers, but you could also buy lollipop sticks and put those in before dipping= cake pops!  Take any flavor cake with any melted chip type confection...the possibilities are endless.


I also made Guilty Vegan Almondnutty, Lemon Coconutty and Cinnamon Pecanutty Chews to offset the sugary, non-vegan cake pops.


Husband got his Green Monster to go, served in my beloved Ninja, sans blades (nice wife, eh?).



The obligatory road trip pic.


I had a Denny's french toast craving (so good, pretty sure they deep fry it), so we stopped in Beaumont at one of the scarier Denny's I've visited.  It was mostly the bathrooms that were scary, but I'm sure I don't want to know what the kitchen looked like.  Husband was not in the mood, and so he braved the crazy California desert winds to go to Del Taco next door for a burrito.


Ketchup on a burrito.  Really?  I've heard Del Taco puts mayo on some of their Mexican goodies, too.  I can't cope with that, can't cope with that, can't cope with that, can't cope with that.  No can do.


Ahhh vacation food.  I did not eat the sausage or bacon but I did eat all my french toast.  And it rocked.


I asked husband to order something so I wouldn't be as embarrassed by his burrito.  He obliged, although I think maybe 4 of these rings were consumed.  I was tempted but knew that and 3 huge slices of french toast would be pushing it.

While we ate, I watched 4 teenagers flirt with each other and pick at their food.  Remember the days of hanging at Denny's, stoned, smoking cigarettes and drinking chocolate milkshakes while ruminating over such topics as who can get a car tonight and where can we get alcohol?  Yeah, me neither.


We hung out with husband's mama and aunt Bodil.  We caught an afternoon showing of 2012 (which is not a very good movie, but an excellent ride) and then went to Native Foods.  Husband is pouring an Izzy's cherry soda.  Adorable husband.



We toasted to Thanksgiving and family.  Skoal!


My Thai Tofu salad.  It tasted really healthy.  Actually, not bad, but they didn't toss it and the bowl was completely stuffed so it was impossible to toss myself.  This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine with restaurants.  Bigger bowls or less salad, people!  Idiots.


Mushroom and garlic pesto pizza.  Sans cheese it feels more like a bruschetta but it was delicious.  Bodil and I split this.


Husband's "chicken" wings.  They were fried and good.


Mama lisa's "Save The Chicken" salad.  I've had this before and it's super tasty.


This is Misty Kitty.  We tried to have a photo sesh, but she was having none of it.


Can't you see I'm busy?


Can't.  Stop.  Moving.

Finally, we tried to stay up for the entire Dancing With The Stars finale, and failed.  Mama Lisa fell asleep with her leopard slippers on and we had sweet desert dreams.

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