Nov 23, 2009

25 lbs Gluten Free Flour

Before Guilty Vegan cookies was put on the back burner due to a suddenly booming personal chef business, I purchased 25 pounds of gluten free flour.




Love you, Bob.  I also bought bulk coconut flour, almond meal, sea salt, xanthan gum and gluten free oats.


I finally got the courage to tackle the bag, and I successfully got the flour into 6 freezer bags.



All of these ingredients are good, if properly stored, for one year.  I hope to bake lots of treats for clients, and friends, and husband.

If you need a cup (or six) of flour, you know where I live...

Sunday workout:  AMAZING power yoga class with Caleb

Monday workout:  3 mile interval training run/sprint/walk with a very sleepy husband

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