Nov 27, 2009

Some Thanksgiving Pics

Husband and I spent most of TG day with his son, but I took a few pics before we hit the road.  Here is what happens for the majority of time we spend with husband's sister Angie and her family:  video games.


How cute is Gannon?


Angie's beautiful table.




Meet the latest addition to the Gardner family:  Cookie.  She is very good, although still a rambunctious puppy so it was a challenge to get a photo of her in focus.  She also ate several pieces of our annual Thanksgiving jigsaw puzzle.


More Angie TG decor.  No, I'm not posing (okay, I'm posing).


Guilty Vegan cookies!  Clockwise from left:  Lemon Coconutty, Cinnamon Pecanutty, Almond Butternutty.


Butter Pecan Brussels Sprouts, courtesy of Cindie FlanniganClick here for her delicious recipe.

View of the whole table.

Yep, still playing video games.  So interesting coming from a family of almost all girls.  Our holidays were all about playing "Dress Up", "Restaurant", "Bar", and putting on "Shows" with the StarStage.  Not sure how to relate to Playstation Soccer and Yu Gi Oh.

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