Nov 27, 2009

My Family's Ann Arbor Thanksgiving

Crab legs were on sale at Monahan's Fish Market, so they bought over 2 pounds!  Don't worry, they had a more traditional TG meal for lunch, but dinner was all about seafood (I would have LOVED this as a I'm allergic).


Everyone took turns holding the massive legs.  Dad's looking spry!


Sister holding a wee mussel.  Mom steamed them in clam broth with sauteed leeks.  They sopped up the broth with hot buttered sourdough bread.  Bliss.


Sister wasn't sure mom understood how to take a picture.  By the way, sister's 28th birthday was yesterday, so our family had MUCH to be thankful for.  She's our little turkey.


Mama.  Can't wait to see you!

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