Oct 24, 2009

It's Been Forevah evah...

...since I've posted and I've had palpable pangs of guilt every time I read another food blog (which is every night before bed-my little treat).  Poor neglected Eat Repeat.

I thought I would attempt to catch up by bearing my very naughty Saturday eats (it's what Saturdays are for, right?).  Above is my lunch:  a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie the size of my head.  Did not disappoint.


And this was my dinner:  mini coconut cake, an orange "cloud", and part of a Mexican wedding cookie.  The good news?  I only ate part of the cookie.  Whole Foods rocks out there pastries.

That was my Saturday.  Pure sugar.  Oh my.  For many years there was no sugar in my life, which is certainly not a bad thing for health reasons, but I was also afraid of sugar and what it would DO to me (make me binge, make me fat, make me miserable).  I'm currently working on eating what I crave without judgment, and paying attention to portions and listening to my hunger and to when I'm full. 

I am simultaneously giddy and guilty about this and am trying to trust the journey.  On the intuitive eating tip, it is believed that once we give ourselves what we want without judgment, we will balance out and crave what our bodies need.  Okey doke!


What else?  I just completed my first week with two new personal chef clients.  I'm still so bloody nervous whilst in the kitchen that I'm not taking photos.  This must change!  It's been super fun because these ladies didn't want diet food (although I got an email today asking if my food was going to make them fat).  Of course not, chickies.  Time for me to work in more soups and salads!

I also assisted a food styling job, which is hush hush.  It was all about kids and was very fun and involved copious amounts of blue frosting.  Thank you, Cindie and Denise.  You continue to be amazing mentors and friends.  So grateful!

You can also see the back of my head, as well as my profile twice on the finale episode of Flipping Out.  I helped cater Chloe's third birthday party.  You must watch if only to see Chloe covet her birthday cupcakes.  Am I a mom yet?

Lastly, I may be cooking for a very, very famous person.  Very, very soon.  That's hush hush, too, but hopefully not for long.

Monday:     Spin class!
Tuesday:      YogaGlo with Jo Tatsula
Wednesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical at Gold's Gym
Thursday:     2 mile run at 5:30am (food styling in Valencia) 
Friday:         Squeeze Stronger with Tracy Effinger
Saturday:     3 mile run
Sunday:       Will be 9am Hardcore with Eva Barrington!

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