Oct 25, 2009

What My Sunday Is Looking Like

Yep.  Still working on the good ole ServSafe Online Food Handler's Course.  I feel trapped at my laptop so I thought I would take some pics of my view of the world.  First, we have the laptop shot with the lady talking to me about machine dishwashing techniques.


I am also doing laundry.  And drinking diet coke.  Nice sunny day out there.


My view from the couch.  I have the TV on like I can really watch it.  Cannot.


I love our mantle.


Husband has promised he will put his bike in the garage once his project is over.  So get used to the bike!


Our little flower is happy and blooming.

Sunday workout:  Hardcore at Gold's Gym with a VERY inferior sub for Ms. Eva Barrington.  Oh well, still a good workout.

1 comment:

  1. I love your staircase. You are a personal chef? Um, can I please have your life? Thanks.