Sep 24, 2009

Onions and Turkeys

I bought and carried all these onions.  52 total.  Onions are dense.


I bought and carried these turkeys.  Turkeys are heavy.  And smell like turkey, which is now how my house and car smell.


Cindie getting the birds ready for their close-up:  Kitchen Bouquet, Pam and a blow torch= pretty turkeys.


A photo of some of the spread.  I didn't really follow through with taking photos of the rest of the spread.  Probably due to 3 hours of sleep.  Nightmares of overcooking the onions and having to shop for more at 5am.  Yes, I made stuffed sweet onions at three in the morning.  If you can't sleep, you might as well cook!


Photographer in action.  Whole 10 hour day.  One shot (maybe one and a half).  Tick tock.


The onions are making love to the turkey.  They all up in that. 

I bought and carried all that.  Cindie is the genius stylist.

Thursday workout:  3 mile run in the dark.  My crazy is showing, clearly.


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