Sep 25, 2009

Experimenting with Vegan Cane Sugar and Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

As a vegan baking goddess, I heart coconut oil.  Why?  It's the best butter substitute I have found.  See my total spread disaster chocolate chip cookies below (no fault of the coconut oil).  If (when) you eat one, I swear you would not believe that they are not made with butter.  Delish.  And coconut oil is way better for you.

I had heard wonderful things about Tropical Traditions organic coconut products on the food blogosphere and they were kind enough to send me a jar to try.

The first thing I noticed was that the oil itself was fragrant (I did a nose test comparison with another organic brand, which had no smell).  Having said that, the resulting baked products (I did two cookie varieties) had no coconut flavor at all.  Just rich and buttery.  Helps me keep the name "Guilty Vegan Cookies".

I learned that Tropical Traditions  Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil smells so wonderful because they use the "old method" of fermentation, rather than cold-pressed.  This allows the coconut fiber and oil to separate naturally.

Along with the coconut oil, I was sent a copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil.  The book is packed with personal testimonials (my favorite) on the health benefits of coconut as well as recipes.

Here is my mise en place for my chocolate chip cookies made with vegan cane sugar.  Scandal.

BB (before baking).  They look innocent enough.


Holy spreading issue.


They were also super greasy (recipe called for 1 cup).  Thinking maybe the Tropical Traditions oil is so good, maybe a little goes a long way OR these cookies just don't need that much oil.  Next time going to decrease to 3/4 cup and maybe add a bit more flax meal to prevent the spreadathon.

They taste amazing and would be perfect warm with a scoop of ice cream (which husband enacted immediately).


My "dinner":  cucumber, broccoli, nuts and cookies.  You know, business purposes only.  I gotta say, sugar does provide that certain crusty crunch that you can't get anywhere else...but I still love my Nutty Chews, and they are nicer on the waistline.  These are cookies I wouldn't keep in the house.  Much.

Friday workout:  25 minutes on the elliptical and 4 mile walk with my lovely Cori!  So nice to catch up and we planned a Guilty Vegan website session and cookie photo session.  That's what friends are for.  For sure.



  1. oooo, i have been so busy and just now catching up with your vegan wonders. that spreading issue reminds me of the 'big' cookies they used to sell in malls. :)

    also try vegan turbinado sugar- it's unrefined, so you can feel even less guilty!!!

  2. Don't care how far they spread, I want to be called next time there's a batch to be cleaned up. Cold milk anyone? Hornyak