Sep 22, 2009

More Husband Meals

Turkey melt:  organic turkey, heirloom tomato, baby spinach, mustard and tofu cheese on wheat bread with lots of Earth Balance.  Mmmm.  Buttery.



Organic buffalo dogs with baked beans, veggies and salt and pepper chips.


Turkey taco salad:  ground turkey with loads of chili pepper, cumin, onion and garlic,  salsa, refried beans, tofu cheese, baby spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers.

No Mandy meals.  Why?  I've been eating cookies more than actual meals as I have been delivering GV samples all around town and must taste before I submit (I learned my lesson after baking with stevia and giving some to neighbors before tasting.  They think I am destined for failure.).

I do try to feed husband whenever I am home because when I am not here it becomes a McDonald's, Carls Jr. and various candy bar binge fest.  He used to be able to cook for himself...?

Tuesday workout:  4 mile walk/run (mostly walk). Kinda tired, folks.


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