Sep 27, 2009

Did You Know That The Best Damn Denny's In The World Is In Thousand Oaks California?

The bathrooms are beyond gross.  The entire place hasn't been painted since the early 90's.  The booths are kinda broken, BUT the food is damn good.  Husband is enjoying his hot chocolate on a 100 degree day.  WhatEvs.  Weirdo.


Whipped cream is best part.


Austin taking an exaggerated sip of his Razzdango (think translation of that is Sprite with artificial raspberry syrup).  He could use the calories.


Funny stepmom taking pictures of food all the dang time.


Austin's Grand Slam Burrito:  pancake, sausage, bacon, eggs and cheese wrapped in a grilled tortilla.  Served with onion rings and yes, he poured syrup all over the burrito.  The child craves this and this child does not have cravings.  Ever.  Holy weird and wonderful, I say.


He didn't touch the onion rings.  Why mess with perfection?


Mine:  scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and two slices of french toast, which I am pretty sure they deep fry.  Best french toast ever.  Really.  And only at this Denny's.  Trust me, I've tried others.


I didn't take a picture of husband's food cuz I was annoyed with him.  I was beyond emotionally fragile on this day (lots and lots and lots and lots of work stress for me and husband) and was pretty much silent through the meal.

After Denny's, I dropped husband and Austin off at the library and went to see Love Happens.  I bought an extra large diet Pepsi and balled my eyes out through the whole stupid movie.  And it was really stupid but I loved it because it gave me permission to sit in a dark room and cry for 2 hours.  Thanks, Jen.  Oh, and she was wearing a Gap dress in a couple of scenes, so that was thrilling as well.

Saturday workout:  quick 2 mile run.


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