Aug 20, 2009

Wake And Bake. For Serious.

Recipes still in development. Oh, yes. The hardest part is the sweetener, because I don't want to go the sugar route (even "evaporated cane juice", which is sugar-duh). I woke up at 5am with recipe ideas in my head, so off I went to the kitchen to whip up a batch of dark chocolate cherry drop cookies.

For some reason (probably because it was 6am) I didn't take a pic of the baked cookies, except for this one, which was husband's breakfast (good tester husband). These were sweetened with agave (last batch was xylitol). I used agave because the xylitol wasn't sweet enough. The agave was perfectly sweet but made the cookie just a touch too soft (unless you're into soft cookies). The cherries also seemed like an after thought, and now I'm thinking walnuts.

It's getting there...once I get the cookie base right, I'm apt to create a chocolate mint cookie, a chocolate peanut butter cookie, a chocolate almond butter cookie, a chocolate banana cookie...

Husband's dessert after lunch (I think I've created a monster); two chocolate cherry cookies topped with chocolate mint ice cream and one Trader Joe's mint UFO. Lunch was a grilled cheese and a tiny bit of tomato soup (to save room for the massive dessert).

Mine: one chocolate cherry cookie (to test, of course) and a vegan pumpkin spice cookie (testing the competition). Life is hard...

Thursday workout: 3 mile run after wake and bake


  1. yes, agave rocks... that's what i use most of the time. of course, as you now know, you have to slightly modify your wet to dry proportions. nice work, vegan baker!

  2. Just found your site and am so excited to see your recipes and experiments. I'm not sure if you've already done this, but have you tried palm sugar? We use it as my natural cooking school and I've seen granulated in Whole Foods recently. It works pretty much like sugar but maintains many more nutrients and is even low on the GI index.

    Can't wait to see more soon!