Aug 2, 2009

Unflattering Pics Of Fam Eating Ribs (So Bad They're Good)

It's just the lighting. This is the worst photo of us since Hands Across America in Hell, Michigan. Mom and dad made a delicious dinner; ribs, baked yams and coleslaw. Sister is relaxed after a day at the pool and a hot shower. I caught mom and dad mid-chew, however.

This is what happened when I asked mom to smile. Love her British fork hold.

Baby sister's plate.

My vegan cupcake gift from Katie at The Cupcake Station.

Chocolate cake with vanilla bean "buttercream" frosting. Had to photograph the cute little cupcake holder it came in. I had a couple delicious bites and sister had the rest. So. Freaking. Good. Excellent work, Katie! I'll be coming back for some baby cupcakes. You know, for my early birthday celebration...

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