Aug 13, 2009

Tuna Melt

Late lunch today because a very nice repair man took a very long time installing a new faucet in our kitchen, which will very soon not be our kitchen. Kinda bummed we're leaving behind a brand new faucet. Hello, time for a real problem.

I had my yogurt love and I whipped up a tuna melt for husband. How did I do it? Buttered some organic whole wheat bread, dropped it in a frying pan, adding a slice of cheese to both pieces and let them get all melty. I did the usual tuna mix (mayo, mustard, onion, touch dill relish), which I piled on the grilled cheesy bread with a few baby spinach leaves and a thin slice of a beefsteak tomato. Served with cucumber and baked potato chips, which husband asked me to remind never to buy again (he bought them while I was gone). Okey doke.

Tuna melt close up.

Thursday workout: Squeeze Stronger with Tracy Effinger DVD. Thought I was also going for a walk with Cori but painful bladder infection prevented this (mine, not hers). Finally got some medicine at 3pm today. Hope it kicks in SOON. I feel like detaching my yooha from my body, although I'm pretty sure I'd miss it...

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