Aug 13, 2009

Before Dessert Comes Dinner (Bummer)

After my Dr. visit I had to stop at Whole Foods as it was less than two blocks away. I can't tell if I'm getting richer or if Whole Foods prices are less crazy (not all of them, like the $9 "raw gelato" I bought, for example)? I think with the recession so much of our "mainstream" food started costing more, it made smaller grocers prices seem more reasonable...whatever.

I bought some ice cream for husband and I (and some coconut M&M's, which I will review in depth later), and that's pretty much where my head was for the rest of the day.

For dinner, husband got curry "crispy" chicken, spiced smashed yams with pecans and a spinach salad (not pictured).

Mine: cucumber, broccoli, nuts and a Chai Tea Luna Bar.

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