Aug 13, 2009

This Raw Gelato Just Might Be Worth $9 A Pint...

Wow. Hello, Organic Nectars. I'm Mandy. I have a crush on you.

This stuff may be a revelation. Honestly, it is as good as some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Now, it doesn't necessarily feel exactly like ice cream, but it is independently just a wonderful, wonderful product. Creamy, thick, beautiful vanilla flavor. And at 105 calories per serving...unbelievable. I may go broke, but I will not be fat.

I had two servings (1 cup) with 1 cup of crushed Peanut Butter Puffins. I tell you, who's gonna miss a Dairy Queen Blizzard (at 800 calories, at least)? This was 360 calories and felt like pure decadence. This is EXACTLY what I will strive to deliver with my baked goods. So inspiring!

In other news, I have a confession to make. I am a rusher. I rush to finish something so I can hurry up and rush through the next thing. Whenever a task begins to feel challenging (and most tasks, at some point, do) I go into either "fuck it" mode or "just get through it" mode. Which means that most of the time I am not doing my best work. This fact scares me. A lot. It scares me that I know this about myself, have "learned my lesson" a number of times and yet, I still rush. I'm scared that I will lose valuable opportunities as a result of said rushing, or that I will be judged as mediocre because I won't take the time to make anything great.

I want to be great, like Organic Nectars Raw Agave Gelato great!

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Find peace in what you can do and find peace in the things which you can't do. Enjoy those things which you have been involved in, relish those moments. It's about the moments that you live in, not that moments that you want to live in.

    Live.Life.Fully ~M