Aug 18, 2009

A New Low? Potato Chips For Breakfast

I've been hanging out in antibiotic hell for awhile. Got one more day to go. I've never had this kind of reaction to antibiotics before, although to be fair I'm usually recovering from surgery when I take them simultaneously with vicodin and other fun stuff, so who cares, right? Someone told me the healthier you are, the more affected you feel when taking antibiotics, so I guess I'm REALLY healthy.

I feel like I'm on the moon and haven't slept in two days. I also feel nauseated and have odd cravings, like potato chips and dip for breakfast. Right on.

The dip is fat free Fage with dry ranch dressing mix. It tasted good at the time and now sounds totally disgusting. I had baked chips, because even my indulgences often lack real indulgence.

Had some veggies with my yogurt dip, too and yes, I ate in front of the TV.

Tuesday workout: dragged my zombie butt to the gym and did 40 minutes of shaky cardio. Then I got my car washed and attempted to ward off my mind fog with caffeine, which was less than successful. I also managed to not pack for our impending move, but I think that may be okay. Don't really feel like living out of boxes for 2 1/2 weeks. Would rather do it all in a few sweaty days, you know, when I'm not an antibiotic zombie.

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