Aug 18, 2009

Tuesday Dinner & Dessert (for Husband)

Husband's spicy sausage and veggies in a very garlicky marinara sauce, served with soft, tofu cheesy polenta.

Mine: cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts, cinnamon raisin Luna bar and some cantaloupe.

Husband's dessert: there is a dark chocolate cherry cookie on the bottom, warmed slightly in the microwave and topped with raw agave vanilla gelato and some mint fudgy soy ice cream I bought for him the other day. I ate the gelato a few days ago, which tasted awesome at the time and now makes me want to hurl just thinking about it. Blame it on the antibiotics, which make me feel the way I imagine it feels to be pregnant.

Nummy. We watched Intervention whilst eating, which is always risky business. I always hope that there will be no needles or bulimics. What a statement. I think that officially makes me an ugly American.

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