Aug 21, 2009

My Friday Lunch

I forgot how much I love yogurt with wheatgerm. This was lemon yogurt. The wheatgerm thickens it up and gives it a lovely nuttiness; I pretend it's pie crust (yah, I have a VERY good imagination). I also had an Alternative Baking's Snickerdoodle vegan cookie. These are perfect and it's a life goal of mine to replicate them...

I'm not feeling like baking today. Today I am obsessing over how I will ever make a profit if I use organic, sugar free, gluten free, vegan ingredients and pay $35 an hour for commercial kitchen space and packaging and shipping...freaking out.

Friday workout: Squeeze Stronger with Tracy Effinger DVD

1 comment:

  1. don't worry about the profit, or you'll lose sight of why you love it! :) it'll all balance out in the end.

    as for your baking questions... what kind of flour are you using? spelt? different flours really seem to have an effect on what i'm making. what sort of egg replacer are you using (if any)? have you tried using an ground flax seed? you can email me at missv@thevegancookbook and we can try and figured it out. i made some rockin' cupcakes the other day and they were some sort of perfection (if i don't say so myself). i totally thought of you and wish i could have sent one your way.