Aug 7, 2009

I'm Back And I'm Eating Brownies For Dinner

I brought these brownies all the way from Michigan. From Zingerman's (of course). They were supposed to be a gift. Oh, well.

I have been back for a few days and it's been weirdly wonderful and difficult at the same time. I forgot how fabulous my husband is and am enjoying him thoroughly (wonderful). Work is drying up at the moment (weird). I started to panic about the latter, until said wonderful husband and some other supporters reminded me of all the ideas I have that I want to pursue and NOW have the time for. Oh, yeah!

So I sincerely hope you will start witnessing me as a baking whirling dervish; whipping up decadent and healthy treats we can all feel good about ravishing.

Back to the food.

My dinner last night: cucumber, broccoli, mixed nuts, 3/4 pecan blondie, 1/4 "magic" brownie (with delicious yet mysterious filling-oh, just found out on their site-Dulce de Leche), and cantaloupe.

Yes, the brownie for dinner is a bit of an emotional choice. What can I say? I just came back from visiting family for 2 weeks in my hometown, both of which I spend much of my time being painfully homesick for. I came back to a city I do not enjoy for the most part, and have felt that way all 9 years I have lived here. I also understand that I would not have the incredible husband I have or the incredible job opportunities I have anywhere else. I acknowledge this and I'm grateful. And I still hate this bloody city. So there.

Husbands dinner: turkey sausage pasta bake with a ton of veggies. Then he had a brownie, too.

Thursday workout: Squeeze Stronger DVD with Tracy Effinger

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