Aug 22, 2009

Baking Progress

I made four mini batches today (left to right): Christmas Morning Cookies, Dark Chocolate Midnight Cookies, Lemon Stars Cookies & Almond Butter Cookies.

I have not tasted them yet as I had an intense pizza craving I had to satisfy and because I do not wish to become obese in honor of my healthy vegan cookie business...I will taste tomorrow.

These were husband's honest opinions (which are starting to annoy me).

Christmas Morning Cookie: "Really good!" (okay, that one wasn't annoying)

Dark Chocolate Midnight Cookie: "Needs more chocolate flavor...kinda dry...not sweet enough." Ugh. All I did was add some flax meal to bulk them up (last batch were delicious chocolate pancakes) and now they're not chocolaty AND they're dry? Boop.

Lemon Stars Cookie: "Great lemony start, but finish strange, like artificial sweetener finish, like the last batch". Okay, the last batch had the EXACT same sweeteners (mix of xylitol and agave) which he liked at the time. The batch BEFORE the last batch was the stevia disaster. When I asked him if that was the batch he was referring to, he looked at me like I was high. As if.

Almond Butter Cookie: "I keep thinking they're peanut butter, but weak peanut butter". Hmmm. Maybe this is why there isn't an almond butter cookie on the market...

Tomorrow I'll be back to fight another day.

Here are some close-ups:

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