Aug 15, 2009

Baking For A Cause

My dear friend Marnie invited me to participate in a fundraiser for her friend Miriam, who has had a recurrence of Lymphoma and will be undergoing a series major treatments in the next six months, which involves serious financial burden. I was honored to join the cause and decided to bake some vegan treats for the silent auction.

Above is what my morning looked like.

These are lemon poppy seed tea cakes. I am very proud of how they turned out.

The texture was perfect (which is no easy feat with vegan baking, thanks Babycakes!). I do like my lemon cake to be a little more lemony, so I will add some additional lemon juice next time.

I also made Blisscuits (see the cute little teacakes in their little boxes...) and raw truffles, of course.

Here was my station. I provided samples so folks would know what they were bidding on. I have no idea how much my treats went for. The last bid I saw was $40. I hope whomever got them will enjoy them, and hire me to cook for them!

Click here to learn more about Miriam. We just met and I totally love her. I've offered to bring her some meals and correspond during her treatment so we can try and keep her nourished (she will be in lots of pain which obviously affects her appetite). Makes me feel so grateful (and humbled) to enjoy good health.

Saturday workout: YogaGlo with Jo

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