Jul 25, 2009

Zing's Lunch

Amuse bouche: brownie sample. Did not disappoint.

Classic Reuben on grilled rye. Mom said this is their best selling sandwich and one of the originals. It was amazing, one of those experiences where even though I don't normally enjoy Swiss cheese or sauerkraut or thousand island dressing, this sandwich freaking rocked.

Mom's sesame noodles and potato salad. Sesame noodles were kinda boring and tasted like Kraft Italian dressing to me...

My mac and cheese. I've been craving this since Christmas when I had a bite of my sister's. You know what? It was good but something about tasting what someone else ordered that is not yours and you can't devour makes it taste better. I was happy but not ecstatic.

Dessert. A funky chunky chocolate cookie and a ginger jump up. You know what? They were both good, but not craveable. I think I hype food in my mind for so long that it can't possibly measure up when I actually eat it. After all the real butter and sugar and white flour...I'd rather have yogurt love or a blisscuit.

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