Jul 25, 2009

Farmer's Market & Zingerman's

Wow! I thought LA's farmer's markets were crowded. I can tell I'm on vacation (or "workation") because I enjoyed the hustle bustle, instead of enduring low level panic.

We bought green beans, sweet corn and Michigan cherries, which we will enjoy with my vanilla brined pork roast tomorrow. Yuuuuuuummmmm.

Had to do it. Line out the door for Zing's on a Saturday. Dad held our place (he's the cutie with the red shirt and a shock of white hair). Mom and I had to stop in to VtoV to look at clothes I won't buy myself. Got a bad block around clothes shopping. It's a combo platter of body dysmorphia, narcissism and compulsive pauper syndrome. Anyone else have this?

Happy family. Those are my mom's sunglasses from 70's. Love. Them.

Don't worry, the food pics will be in the next post. I bought some vanilla beans for my brine. Vanilla beans are sticky. This pouch smelled so good I stuck it in my underwear drawer. TMI?

Saturday workout: 3 mile run around my favorite place

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