Jul 5, 2009

What Fourth Of July Looked Like

Okay. So I thought husband and Austin were doing a triathlon on the 4th. Like a family triathlon or something (yes, I'm fit but I'm not into swimming or biking en masse) and I would be the cheerleader.

Not so. They were practicing for Austin's triathlon that's happening in two weeks. Husband thought he would feel more confident if they practiced transitioning from the pool to the bike to the road...sweet and thoughtful husband. Here they are, getting ready to ride after swimming (swimming did not happen as the pool was closed for the 4th even though dude on phone insisted they would be open when husband called earlier in the week-oh, bother).

After practice, the boys were ready to refuel and Denny's was on the brain. I have not eaten at Denny's in many moons and haven't eaten pancakes since I was a teenager, but in my continued eating revolution, I ordered two. And ate them. All. I made my own "slam": egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and 2 buttermilk pancakes. I took off (most of) the butter and used sugar free syrup. They were pretty good, but next time I'm going to indulge in pancakes I think I will go somewhere else. They were kind of tough. I ate my eggs and sausage but not all of the bacon.

Then I looked up the calorie count online and was pleasantly surprised. Not bad! About 800 calories all told. My thought? You really can eat whatever you want, just pay attention to how much and if you have a big, indulgent meal, then make the rest of the day lighter. No biggie.

Husband and Austin got the same dish; the french toast slam. I tried a bite of Austin's french toast. Oh my God in heaven was it good. I think they fry the egg dipped bread. Delish!

After spending the first part of the day in Thousand Oaks, we went to our dear friend (and most loyal blog reader) Rachel's house for a barbecue. It was lovely as always. I have lots of party anxiety (what to say, what to do, what to eat, when can I leave...) but I always know I will feel relaxed and comfortable at a Rachel party. I didn't photograph my food because I was too tired (no excuse, I know) but I had salad, steamed asparagus, a really good turkey burger and a chicken hot dog with no buns. And some baked beans with pineapple. I also made my "raw truffles", which seemed to go over well.

When we got home, I had the watermelon above while we watched The Fashion Show. The outfit we liked the best lost. I guess we can kiss that career in fashion goodbye.

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