Jul 24, 2009

Tuptim Has Delish Pad Thai!

I have searched for decent pad thai on the westside for many moons. No luck. It's either too greasy, too sweet or too dry. Mom drives me to Tuptim and I enjoy the best pad thai I have ever eaten. And it's cheap and the restaurant is clean and the service is perfect. Why do I live in LA again?

Look familiar? Used to be a Long John Silvers. So cute. Mom's in the corner. Hi mom!

Mom's iced coffee which she claims is better than coffee ice cream. She loves it so much she sings it a little song. I guess the apple doesn't fall far...I talk to my yogurt love frequently while husband looks on incredulous.

Fried tofu with peanut chili sauce. The tofu is light as air and melts in your mouth with a dollop of sweet and spicy sauce. I only had one bite because I'm a clean your plate kind of gal and knew what was coming...

Amazing. Not too sweet or greasy. No stupid huge chunks of stringy green onion. No clumps of overcooked rice noodles. It was magnificent and just the right portion.

Friday workout: Yogaglo session with Jo

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  1. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love Pad Thai! cant find any either:( you lucky!