Jul 24, 2009

TV Snacks

Had lots of room after the tiny baguette dinner, so I sampled some of my old loves: Luna Lemon Zest Bar and Carrot Cake Clif Bar. The Luna bar was as good as I remembered; the Clif Bar was not. Tasted kind of strange, but I do love the white chocolate chips.

So upset Janette was voted off. Stupid, stupid America and stupid, stupid me for not voting...except I was on a plane.

The Fashion Show is stupid, too. Just not a very good show. Hope Project Runway maintains it's Project Runwayness on Lifetime.

Little sister's midnight snack: Trader Joe's chicken burrito with jalapeno yogurt cheese. Nummers.

We stayed up until 2am. One of the perks of living on the West Coast; I become a night owl when I visit Michigan.

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