Jul 21, 2009

Tuesday Lunch

I tried a new yogurt today. Siggi's Icelandic strained yogurt. Fancy. It was a little more tart than Oikos or Fage but the consistency was the same. Verdict? I'm loving Oikos and Fage just a wee bit more.

Larabar of the day: Coconut Cream Pie. Money. If you love macaroons, you'll likey this.

Strawberry granola yogurt love and my little coconut bar. Bliss.

Husband requested a Green Monster for lunch. Done. I made it in my new Ninja with great results. The Ninja has a double blade so it's great for whipping up frozen fruit into creamy concoctions. This monster had vanilla rice milk, raw almond butter, chia seeds, rice protein powder, spinach, and frozen banana and cherries.

Chia seeds make it thick. Delish.

Tuesday workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical next to Ray Liotta. Made me work a little harder.

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