Jul 27, 2009

New York Pizza Depot

After consuming only 3 bars and running with Claire (badass), I was beyond hungry. Time for pizza! sister reminded me of NYPD, whose deep dish cheeseless pizza I remembered more than fondly from lifetimes ago. Let's order.

sister ordered a 10 inch garden delight, and it was ai-ight. Tasted kinda healthy. Should have ordered the grilled veggie pizza...the good news was I only ate 1 slice of this (I have a tendency to finish whatever pizza exists in my presence, regardless of whether or not I like it-details).

We also ordered a 10 inch white pizza, which was really, really good. I had two slices of this and thank God sister ate the other two. I can now say I am not stuffed and guilty with too much pizzaness.

Thanks, Claire for the great run and the AMAZING wedding present. You are my favorite. Forever.

1 comment:

  1. You are welcome, my dear one! And thank you for calling me a badass on the great big wide internet. :) I love you back. And I also love NYPD white pizza, but you more.