Jul 13, 2009

Culinary School: Finals Week Three

The finale of the finals. As you see, I forgot to take a photo of my asparagus with hollandaise. Yeah, time was an issue. For all of us. Our peach gallettes did not cook properly. Oven not cooperating.

Krista straining her red wine reduction sauce over her fillet with roasted vegetables. So good.

This was mine after judgement. I did not taste. After my fish experience on week one, I have not be anxious to taste my work after a test. Not interested.

Peach gallette. The final dish of culinary school. I am now a graduate. Happy sad.

This was the hardest week for me and I got my lowest grade: 90%. The hollandaise wasn't hot, the steak was medium instead of medium rare and my gallette crust was too thick. And the peaches needed more sugar. Oh my. Only as good as your last meal.

If you wonder where I've been, starting the day after my culinary school graduation day, I began the biggest, longest food styling job I've had thus far. Read all about it!

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