Jul 31, 2009


Sharyn watches two little ones a few days a week. The one reclining is Sami. The one attempting to place her pillow and mimic Sami perfectly is Sophie.

After they watched some "Bob The Sloth", they had a little pool party in the backyard. Then Sophie pooped her diaper so we had to dump the water out of the pool and sanitize. While I was dumping the water, my back suddenly went into spasms and I was in pretty bad pain the rest of the day. I think it was my reaction to the little ones. That reaction would be slight dread mixed with longing and terror.

Sharyn is amazing with them and I have to say, the more I watch people with children, the more I wonder if parenting is right for me. Do I have the ability to be patient, tolerant and let go and not try to control everything around me? Not sure. This is the girl who hates noise, dirt and chaos.

It makes me feel equally bad to think of not having children as well. Like, I'm so selfish, self-centered and controlling that I would rather spend the rest of my life making my lifestyle comfortable than to give love to a human being I created.

Hmmm. Time for therapy.

Yes, this post has no food. I think all I ate was bars, broccoli and a yogurt with cereal. I was a bit distracted.

Thursday workout: 3 mile run

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