Jul 31, 2009

A Strange Mexican Food Experience

Canton Ohio is full of chain restaurants. It's kind of all there is, so when my aunt took us to Mariachi's, I was sold. It is very tasty, authentic "Mex-American" fare. Above is my chicken wet burrito. It was good, although a little plain with the burrito filling consisting of shredded white meat chicken only. Ordered a side of refried beans, poured that on top and I was home free.

Mom's beef tacos.

Molly's combo platter: chile relleno, cheese enchilada, beans and rice. Oh, and she got a taco, too, not pictured. Will explain below.

Sharyn's chicken quesadilla. She likes her food naked (plain). There is cheese in there.

The service was weird and bad. My gut feeling was that someone died and the entire staffed was preoccupied. We will never know.

  • The waitress who took our order spoke no English.
  • The manager had to come out to confirm our order.
  • A third person delivered our food, including my cousin's taco, which she set on the table, took off the table, took back to the kitchen, and threw away.
  • The first waitress delivered our check, which was not our check. We gave that check to the correct table.
  • My aunt asked, twice, for a box to take her quesadilla home. The third person (the taco thrower outter), took the quesadilla from my aunt, took it to the kitchen, and threw it away.

We were too shocked to be pissed. My aunt has come here maybe once a week for the last 3 years...we were waiting for Candid Camera. Or Ashton. Then we remembered we weren't famous.

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