Jul 14, 2009

Anniversary Dinner Part II

My Caesar salad. Yep, those are three big anchovies on top. Cold, plain, big anchovies. I'm all for anchovy flavor, love it. Don't want to eat cold, whole anchovies. Maybe this makes me an ugly American or something, but I don't really care. The salad was decent; spicy with red pepper flakes, which was a new touch for me and my Caesar salad eating career.

Husband's arugula salad with prosciutto. He was gravely disappointed and gave up after a few bites. I thought it was okay, but we were already so deep into our discontent with the meal, I can't blame him for his protest.

Husband's duck over some kind of grain in an overly sweet balsamic reduction. Yuck.

My bucatini with porcini mushrooms and shaved truffle. Now-I've never had truffles before and seeing the generous amount shaved on top made me feel very excited. Then I tasted one. Are truffles supposed to taste like Pringles that have gotten soaked in fish water? I'm guessing not. Because I'm a good little compulsive eater, I pushed all the shavings to one side and ate the pasta, which was pretty tasty, actually.

Husband also ordered french fries and a bacon and pea mac and cheese as sides (we're big eaters). Barely touched. Not BAD, just not good, not worth it. We wanted dessert but refused to spend another penny at Wilshire, so we headed to Whole Foods to find a sweet ending...

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