Jul 14, 2009

Anniversary Dinner Part I

Our first anniversary. We look a lot happier and more relaxed than a year ago. Especially husband. Much happier husband now working from home and not destroyed by marriage. And me? Much, much happier with work and culinary school and having a happier husband. Yay.

We went to Wilshire for our special dinner. Never been there before, which is a very risky idea. We pretty much hated it. The above blurry photo was taken by our waiter who seemed high on speed. He had no time to be bothered.

The view from our booth. The decor and furnishings were nice, but everything looked about ten years old with little care. All the paint was worn. Blah, blah, blah. Now, I don't give a shit about stuff like this except when I'm paying $21 for a cheese plate. If I'm having a fancy meal by a prestigious chef, I want a nice experience to go along with it.

My cheese plate. Husband helped. The sheep's milk Gruyere was my favorite, which was not a surprise. The plate was good.

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